What We Do

Caring Companies of America is a coalition of businesses that contribute to help end homelessness in their community.

If government and charities WERE ENOUGH to help ALL the people experiencing homelessness, we wouldn’t have veterans, nationwide, with no place to live.  That’s where local Caring Companies step in to make a BIG difference in THEIR community.

How It Works

Each Caring Company is asked to contribute $300 quarterly to help homeless veterans and disabled in their community.  Cash is best 😀 but it can also be a gift card or other product or service.  Their contribution is 100% tax deductible and, in return for their contribution, they receive valuable advertising for their business for three months. So money spent ONCE  has DOUBLE VALUE.  It provides valuable advertising for the business AND necessary housing for veterans in need.

We work hard to make sure our advertising brings customers to your business.  We know that if our advertising adds to your bottom-line you will want to keep it and you will continue to contribute to help your community.

We work with veterans services and homeless charities to identify veterans and disabled persons in need.  We only need SIX businesses to contribute and we can house a homeless veteran for 3 months . . . and NOT a shelter, his own place.  Our goal is to get six new contributing businesses to join EVERY WEEK.  So that each week, we can get a homeless veteran off the streets and into a place.  SIX new businesses contributing each week is 52 veterans housed in a year, and we can’t do it without YOU.

Can YOUR business be one of  THIS WEEK’S SIX

What does my business get?

All contributing businesses get the following:
A Caring Companies listing, in the appropriate category, on the Caring Companies of America website.

A detailed listing on our Digital Coupons site**, where people who have never been to your business (like tourists searching online for a place to eat or drink or stay, etc) can see that YOUR business is one that cares about the community.

DONE FOR YOU, text marketing for your business.  ~  YES, included. Your customers can receive instant text updates of your events or promotions.  They will opt-in using their phone and you will have direct access to your customers when you have an event or special offer you want to promote. — Text Marketing is THE BEST advertising EVER!

The Good Feelings of knowing you are making a major positive impact on your community because you care enough to make a difference in the lives of those most vulnerable.

The Gratitude of an appreciative community ~ and the additional revenue that can come with that. 😀

It’s a big task and we hope everyone will help.

Imagine what we could do if EVERY business in the county would join. We could house EVERY homeless veteran and END homeless in our community.  — Contact me to get started today.  Or you can join by contributing safely through our paypal link here (and at the top right of this page) and we will contact you.

Thanks — Kathleen Richwell

** The digital coupons site launches March 1 2016.  For hospitality businesses the site will be FoodAndFunInFlorida.com.  Your customers can opt to receive discounts on their phones, or print them out if they choose.  The first company to join in their category will have their business promoted on that category’s home page.  (First in your category such as the first Italian Restaurant, first Steakhouse or first Fishing Charter)