Does believing homelessness can be solved mean you’re NUTS?

ca67f1_b4d90e5ddf98468ab540626a9eed4484People keep telling me that I am NUTS.

They keep telling me that my idea that homelessness in my community can be solved because local businesses CARE enough to contribute to solve it is NUTS.

I say they are wrong . . . . or NUTS, if you will.

The businesses in my community, Pinellas County, are fervently loyal and proud of their towns and their neighborhoods.  I believe, when asked, they will step up and contribute ongoing to give housing to the veterans and the disabled and the other members of the community who are “housing challenged.”  I believe that there is enough money and enough caring companies and individuals, to solve completely, the homeless problem in Pinellas County. (The concept is explained on the homepage of our website )

Some may call it NUTS. I prefer to call it HOPE . . . and optimism.  I also believe IF it can be done in my county, it can be done anywhere in the United States, and to me that IS hopeful.  We just need everyone to chip in. We need local businesses to contribute to make it happen, and contribute ongoing.

Homelessness is not a problem with no solution.  The solution to homelessness is HOUSING.  And we just need to make that happen.

So tell me, what do YOU think.  Please comment and share your thoughts.  Am I nuts?  Or can it be done?

— Kathleen Richwell

About Kathleen at Caring Companies Of America

Floridian, Dog person. Eternal optimist. I love swimming and my dogs more than anything else. -- Yup! That about covers it. :o)
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