My name is Kathleen Richwell and I am the optimist behind Caring Companies of America.    #CaringCompanies

I sell digital advertising to local businesses and then use that money to help people who are experiencing homeless in that community.  I hope to one day be able to build small affordable homes for people who have no place to live.

My goal is to partner with local businesses all over the U.S. to provide affordable housing for any and all who need it. A lofty goal I know, but why NOT think big. The end-all goal would be to end homelessness —- wouldn’t that be great? — Is it doable? I am not sure, but isn’t it worth a try? And if it IS doable, wouldn’t you like to be a part of that?

— I know I would. 😀

It’s a big task and we hope everyone will help (and I mean EVERY. . SINGLE. . BUSINESS. . . 😀

Our pilot programs will be in Pinellas County Florida, which encompasses cities like Clearwater and St. Petersburg, AND also Seminole and Orange County Florida which is the Metro Orlando area.

Just to get the proverbial ball rolling in any county it will take a minimum of 100 local businesses to commit to contributing quarterly for a year. We ask each business for a minimum ongoing contribution of $300 every 3 months. In return we provide them with online advertising, digital coupons, and ‘done-for-you’ text marketing. Plus the pride of having made a MAJOR positive impact in their community.

We also request and invite donations of products and services. Please see our “What we need” page for product and services resources that we can always use and contact us at Info@CaringCompaniesOfAmerica.com if you can contribute in that way.


If you have any QUESTIONS you can email us at Info@CaringCompaniesOfAmerica.com
and put “question” in the subject line.

If you want to VOLUNTEER please email us a Info@CaringCompaniesOfAmerica.com
and put “volunteer“ in the subject line.

If you NEED ASSISTANCE please email us a Info@CaringCompaniesOfAmerica.com and put “assistance“ or even just “help” in the subject line.

— PLEASE NOTE: Regarding assistance. — No housing is expected to be built or completed any sooner than the end of 2016, but you are welcome to email us with your information now and share your story and your needs with us.

Thanks — Kathleen

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