Q. Does my business get a receipt for my contribution?

A. Yes . . . yes you do. 😀
Any time you make a contribution we will email you a receipt for the full amount.

Q. How much of my contribution goes to housing the homeless?

A.  100% of your contribution will be used to house homeless veterans and the disabled in your community.

Q.  How do you pay the business expenses that go along with the advertising you provide? 

A. Our operating expenses are paid by contributing partners. Because of the good work we do, specific businesses have agreed that their contributions will cover operating expenses.

Q. If I become a member and contribute can I know more about the person that my money is helping? Can I receive updates on how they are doing? 

A.  Yes. We would like that. 😀 We plan to post success stories on our blog for ALL to read. And to all our contributing members, we are happy to let you know specifics about how your contributions are making a real difference in real person’s life.