What We Need

We NEED Gift Cards of any kind. Grocery store gift cards, restaurant gift cards, department store or box store gift cards, etc.

We NEED property if we are to build a tiny house community to house the homeless.  We are looking for a piece of property, donated or otherwise, in Pinellas County Florida AND in either Seminole or Orange County Florida, on which we can build our small affordable homes.  We may need property zoned for mobile homes or RV’s or we may be able to get a property rezoned to meet our needs and to meet code requirements.

You name it, we need it.  Our goal is to build affordable housing for ALL who want it.  It’s a lofty goal but we are putting it out there.

We need donations of:
New mattress sets
Window treatments
Carpeting / Flooring
Appliances – Large and small
Lawn care
Pool care
Pest control
Handyman Services
Pavers and Walkways.
Veterinarian Services
Auto Repair
Auto Maintenance (Tires, Oil Changes, etc)
Apartment complexes
Commercial and residential rental properties
Moving services
Storage Units/ Facilities
Hair cuts/styling/color


Tell us what you think.

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